What makes H.K. Anderson pretzels special? we've taken a time-tested winner in the traditional pretzel and made it a unique snacking experience. We combine the wholesome simplicity of the pretzel with an added twist for a memorable snacking treat. You can satisfy your cravings for taste and flavor without having to sacrifice by eating unhealthy. With H.K. Anderson pretzels you can enjoy a guilt-free snacking experience with great taste!

Salty Stix Bag
Salty Stix

Sometimes the fastest way to a delicious pretzel experience is a straight line (lots of them).

Peanut Butter Filled Nuggets
Peanut Butter Nuggets

We call it true love—a sweet, rich peanut butter inside, a tidy salty crunchy-pretzel nugget outside.

Double Baked Butter Pretzel Balls
Double Baked Butter Balls

An irresistible bite of twice-baked buttery goodness with a tasty popcorn flavored crunch.

Honey Wheat Braids
Honey Wheat Braids

A trifecta of wholesome whole wheat, a little twist, and a graham cracker-like honey experience.